Welcome to the Adelphos Bible Institute.  Adelphos provides instruction and training for those wishing to have a deeper understanding of God’s word, those responding to the call of ministry and missions in the local church or working with para-church ministries.

UPCOMING EVENT – March 14, 2015 – Practical Biblical Instruction – Register Today!

Who can benefit from attending Adelphos Bible Institute:

  • Those currently engaged in ministry but lack formal Biblical training

Pastors, Preaching Ministers, Local Bible Class Instructors, Sunday School Instructors, Homeschooling Parents, Evangelist, Local

  • Those planning to serve God in the local church and want Biblical training.
  • Those currently unable to attend traditional Bible college or Seminary.

Unable to afford the college tuition
Unable to attend classes because of work their schedule
Unable quit their job to attend classes

If you desire to gain a greater understanding of God’s word, grow in your faith, and prepare yourself for God’s calling to serve then Adelphos Bible Institute could be the place for you.

To learn more click here about our admissions process.

You can also keep up with current events at ABI on our Facebook page or our blog I-Epistle.



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